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The Reformation in Germany - 1299 Words

Describe and account for the progress of the Reformation in Germany to c. AD 1535. The Reformation in Germany, which made a major impact on world history, was started by Martin Luther when, on a quest for his own personal salvation, became disillusioned with the Roman Catholic Church and began to speak out about his beliefs. This essay will describe and account for the progress of the Reformation in Germany to c. AD 1535 by outlining Luther’s life to 1517, the conflict that followed his Ninety-Five Theses, and the disputes of 1518 – 1520. Luther’s trial before the Diet of Worms and the support of the Protestant Princes will also be accounted for. Furthermore, Luther’s Bible, which helped greatly in the spread of the German Reformation,†¦show more content†¦Luther never intended for wide distribution to happen, but had only wanted an academic discussion. However, within only three months, all of Europe had received copies of the Ninety-Five Theses. As a result of this, the sales of indulgences began to slow down and many disputes arose. Many disputes followed the Ninety-Five Theses in 1517. During this time, Luther discovered that, because of his faith, he could enter every fight coming against him assured that Christ stood for him even if the entire world stood against him. The first debate was the Heidelberg Debate, which was held in the spring of 1518. Luther debated here with a crowd of monks on some of his theses of grace. It has been said, that Luther seemed tolerant, patient, and good-humoured at Heidelberg. (Luther, Richard Marius – p77) In October 1518, the Augsburg Debate was held. However, this was not with fellow monks, but with Cajetan, a cardinal of the Church, and it turned into a disaster. Cajetan was arrogant, and he believed that Luther was a fool requiring correction that could come only from his mighty tongue. The Leipzig Debate lasted from June to July of 1519, where Luther publicly debated with J ohann Eck, a professor at the University of Ingolstadt, and this divided the Christians even more than they had already been. These debates led to Pope Leo X issuing a papal bull, which was a public decree, in July 1520,Show MoreRelatedThe Reformation Of England And Germany1282 Words   |  6 PagesAfter the reformation had reached parts of England and Germany, John Knox started preaching the reformation to Scotland. Knox sought to win over the many Catholics that were in Scotland. He had many opportunities to preach at St. Andrews church and his teachings were very popular among the people. Due to his rising popularity and demand, one of the leaders in the church, Rough, asked him to consider taking a position in the church as a preacher. Knox quickly denied saying he wouldn’t take the positionRead MoreThe Importance of the Renaissance to the Reformation in Germany1263 Words   |  6 PagesThe Importance of the Renaissance to the Reformation in Germany The reformation was a movement that fundamentally challenged the authority of the Roman Catholic Church. The role of the clergy was undermined and the relationships between national countries and the Roman Catholic Church were threatened. The renaissance began in Italy during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries through patronage and the flourishing society, and Rome achieved cultural prominence. It laterRead MoreTo what extent was martin Luther responsible for the protestant reformation in Germany?1990 Words   |  8 Pagesrevolutionary Protestant reformation in Germany? In this essay, I will attempt to assess the extent of Martin Luthers role in the Protestant reformation that took place at the beginning of the sixteenth century in Germany. Luthers name is synonymous with the religious Reformation of the sixteenth century, or the evangelical movement as it is sometimes called, but the actual details of the Reformation itself are somewhat lesser known. Luthers role in the Reformation is well publicised, but hisRead MoreExplroing the Social Groups to Which Reformation Appealed in Sixteenth-Century Germany1451 Words   |  6 PagesExplroing the Social Groups to Which Reformation Appealed in Sixteenth-Century Germany During the early Sixteenth Century the church was the most powerful constitution in the world. So, how was its power reduced so dramatically in the space of one century and where did support for the reformation lie? The question of which social groups the reformation appealed to can be answered by addressing which sectors of society supported Martin Luther, â€Å"The Father of ProtestantismRead MoreThe Reformation During The 20th Century914 Words   |  4 Pagesthe church, in the religion, in the beliefs. The Reformation for such change began in the early 16th century, with the most prominent Reformations happening in Germany and in England. The reformation in Germany was led by none other than Martin Luther and while he wanted to reform the church and spread Lutheranism throughout Germany, King Henry VIII wanted an annulment and the power to control all aspects of England, however, both of these reformations were after one thing in particular, and that wasRead MoreHow important was Martin Luther in influencing the course of the Reformation?1326 Words   |  6 Pagesinfluencing the course of the Reformation? Martin Luther played a vital role in the start of the Reformation, his actions from 1517 allowed people to start forming their own opinions on religion and the church. Between 1517 and 1522 Martin Luther wa pivotal in the course of the Reformation. On the 31st October 1517 Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses on a door of All Saint’s Church in Wittenburg, provoked by indulgences sold by John Tetzel in villages around Germany; he was selling to relativesRead MoreThe Reformation And The Protestant Reformation876 Words   |  4 Pages The 16th century reformation is also known as the Protestant reformation. There are a various number of causes for the Protestant reformation. The causes of the reformation will be analyzed from two different perspectives: Germany s causes and Europe s causes. The results of reformation will be examined. Major contributors such as Martin Luther and John Calvin s perspectives and contributions will also be analyzed and the impact they had during their time period. People in Europe during theRead MoreEssay on The German Reformation764 Words   |  4 PagesThe German Reformation The Reformation of the Catholic Church was always going to happen; it was just a question of when? For centuries the Church had been fighting off herises. In Germany between 1513 and 1530, it just so happened that a number of key factors for the Reformation co-insided. The clearly corrupted church and papacy; the development of printing; the arrival and actions of Martin Luther and public opinion; the absence of the Emperor in the 1520’s and theRead MoreCauses Of The Protestant Reformation1635 Words   |  7 PagesThe Protestant Reformation was the 16th-century religious movement that took place in the Western church. Having far-reaching political, economic, and social effect, the Reformation became the basis for the founding of Protestantism, one of the three major branches of Christianity. Without the changes caused by the Renaissance during the fifteenth century, the Reformation would not have been possible (Haigh). Reformers like Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Henry VIII challenged the Catholic churchRead MoreReligious Authority And The Protestant Reformation1129 Words   |  5 Pagescause the Protestant Reformation. It was a religious, political, cultural and logical disturbance that had made some Europeans split from the Catholic Church. â€Å"In northern and central Europe, reformers [such as John Calvin, Henry VIII and most importantly Martin Luther] challeng ed papal authority and questioned the Catholic Church’s ability to define Christian practice.† The tension between the reformers and the church triggered wars, persecutions and the Counter-Reformation, also called the Catholic

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Religion Provides a Humane Society as a Whole Essay

Where does religion come from and what is its function? This simple question has been studied, defined, and debated by a variety of individuals with differing schools of thought throughout history. Although the conjunction of different ideologies from many of these theorists would provide the most comprehensive solution to this question, Mircea Eliade’s theory as a whole most convincingly addresses this question compared other separate theories as a whole. In particular, Eliade’s emphasis of studying religion via a cross-cultural comparison method and his notion of â€Å"the sacred and the profane† results in a deeper understanding of a given religion and the function it provides to human society as a whole. In contrast to many of the earlier†¦show more content†¦Although the cross-cultural comparison of religion is important for understanding the function of religion, Eliade did not strongly stress the importance of remaining unbiased while studying and comparing other religions. In particular, Ludwig emphasizes the importance of observing different religions by trying to understand the intensions behind various actions without any preconceived ideals (Ludwig, p4). Problems with bias and the use of harsh language are apparent in the description of American culture in Body Rituals of the Nacirema. Specifically, the use of primitive language to describe tasks such as shaving has such a strong bias that American readers misunderstand the description of their own culture (Galbraith, p2). Overall, even though Eliade did not address this problem, his movement towards a cross-cultural comparison is a step in the right direction to understanding the general functions of religion. Ludwig defines sacred as â€Å"what is experienced as ultimate reality† and its experience â€Å"provides the source of meaning and purpose in life† (Ludwig, p8). Eliade highlights the transition from the profane to the sacred as a basic need to sus tain human society. As a result, this shift to experience the sacred is inherent to many ritual and worship practices. For instance, the reading or recreation of a sacred story allows participants to experience the â€Å"ultimate reality† of their identity. Specifically, the story EnumaShow MoreRelatedEast Asian Concept Of Human Nature1715 Words   |  7 Pagesbased on these religions. Chinese government, constitution and the administration policies have been based on the ethics of Confucian traditions and ethics as well as philosophy. Similar to the governing ethics in these region nations, the understanding of human nature has been influenced by each of the religions and determines how the natives’ act according to the respective beliefs. Religions have different explanations of human nature, which are based on the philosophies of religion founder or theRead MoreThe Merits and Pitfalls of Capital Punishment Today1482 Words   |  6 Pagesarguments against it (†Å"White Paper† 82-84). The first step that must be taken in order to ultimately improve upon the efficiency of capital punishment is convincing the general public that capital punishment is ultimately beneficial to our country as a whole. In their current state the capital punishment proceedings are controversial and inefficient at best. Due to their extreme length from the ensuing legal battles many people lose faith in not only capital punishment, but in our legal system’s abilityRead MoreControversy Over Religion s Impact On Society1266 Words   |  6 PagesDevin Arrants Ms. Sidle English III AP/DC per. 3 3 November 2015 Word Count: 1328 The Controversy of Religion in A Connecticut Yankee at King Arthur’s Court Religion provides answers, evokes a sense of comfort in the unknown, and designs a moral code; however controversy now surrounds this subject regarding whether religion’s impact is more detrimental or beneficial to a society as a whole. Mark Twain’s narrator, Hank Morgan, travels back in time and attempts to accelerate the advancement of theseRead MoreThe War You Don t See By John Pilger1485 Words   |  6 Pageson a destructive level. How can one take a position and make an informed decision towards what they should do or how they should react towards these global issues? They can’t, it is impossible to make an informed decision when one is not told the whole truth. ‘The War You Don’t See’ also informs the viewers to see how poorly the innocent civilians are treated and in many cases how their lack of rights results in cruel deaths. Pilger presents these issues to the viewers of this film in a way whichRead MoreSport s Impact On Moral And Ethical Values Of The Modern World1249 Words   |  5 PagesSport as important social phenomena touches every layer of the modern world society, providing significant influence on all spheres of human vital activities. It influences almost every aspect of our lives: business life, interethnic global relations, social conditions, it also forms moods, behaviors spreading throughout the society, has an impact on moral and ethical values of populations, radically changes the way of life. Proving this thesis I want to include the words of famous Russian sportsmanRead MoreAnalysis Of Ethical Ideologies By Jeremy Bentham1748 Words   |  7 Pagessatisfied. In response to this objection, John Mill revises Bentham’s policy of utilitarianism and expands upon it to make it more humane. Mill develops his own central principle that everyone should be able to live as they please, provided that they do not harm anyone. This principle respects the liberty of each individual and promotes diversity. Mill believes that if a society is governed according to this fundamental idea, it will maximize the utility of the citizens in the long run. Michael SandelRead MoreModern vs. Hippocratic Oath1257 Words   |  6 PagesThroughout the history of medicine there has always been a need for shared commitment to ideals of moral, ethical and humane practice. The Hippocratic Oath, created by a compilation of works largely based on Hippocrates, has always stood as guidelines for the conduct of physicians. The Classical oath has and continues to serve well in preserving the sanctity of the medical profession while developing a basis for the respectful treatment of patients. However, this out-dated oath is not equipped toRead MoreReligion vs. Science Essay1187 Words   |  5 PagesReligion vs. Science This paper will examine the scientific view verse religion. I feel their support for the big picture is shallow and untenable. I believe in science but I also have faith. Scientific research has lead to dramatic and more humane treatments of persons suffering from mental disease, depression, and physical injury. The reputation of scientists has reached an all-time high. Majority of Americans have said they trust the scientific community more than almost anyoneRead MoreEssay on The Irish Countryman by Arensberg1392 Words   |  6 PagesThe Irish Countryman by Arensberg The Irish Countryman by Arensberg was a very interesting society in many aspects. Their way of life, their level of trust and respect, and their beliefs and priorities all make up the unique society that they all engage in. The Irish were very in touch with the spirit world both mentally and physically on a day to day basis. They continuously strived to please the fairiesRead MoreIslam a Way of Life1159 Words   |  5 PagesComplete Way of Life The essence of Islam is the very essence of humanity. Islam is a complete and comprehensive way of life. It leads to a balanced way of living. Islam brings civilization and happiness to man. Islamic principles and teachings can provide realistic, fair and objective solutions to the prevention of individual, familial, social and international problems which are threatening the existence of human communities throughout the world. People think that an Islamic life is restrictive

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The Israel Defense Force ( Idf ) - 840 Words

In 2005, the Israeli government tasked the Israel Defense Force (IDF) to clear Israeli settlements in Gaza as part of a disengagement strategy. The 8,500 settlers first occupied the area at the end of the Six Day War in 1967 and created a robust community and economy within the territory. Tasked with moving the settlers, IDF Brigadier General Gershon Hacohen faced a challenging and complicated task to remove the settlers from their homes peacefully. Hacohen’s critical-thinking process faced tremendous challenges in an emotionally charged situation. The two Elements of Thought that posed the greatest challenge to his critical thinking were â€Å"Points of View† and â€Å"Implications and Consequences† of his thought processes throughout the operation. Point of View â€Å"Point of View† describes the various references, perspectives, and experiences affecting critical thinking. To think critically about a problem and create potential solutions, a person must understand personal views, other alternative perspectives, and irregularities or falsehoods within both. Hacohen faced two potentially irreconcilable points of view in his mission: the perspectives of the settlers and the Israeli government. The IDF and the settlers both believed they were acting in Israel’s best interest, but through different perspectives. One of Hacohen’s greatest challenges was understanding these different perspectives to create a solution. The settlers believed the land rightfully belonged to them forShow MoreRelated Women in the Israeli Army Essays1382 Words   |  6 PagesWomen have always played a very integral role in the Israel Defence Forces (IDF), since its inception in 1948 shortly after the declaration of the State of Israel. The IDF is regarded as one of the most well trained armed forces in the world thanks in part to the progressive changes in the military with regards to equality for women. Historically, at the ground roots of the IDF, women were held back from combat and served mostly in a variety of support duties under the command of Chen (Women’sRead MoreThe Impacts Of Israels Operation Protective Attacks In Israel1133 Words   |  5 Pagesunceasing missile, rocket and mortar fire on civilian centers in Israel, on July 7, 2014, Israel launched a military operation, codenamed â€Å"Operation Protective Edge.† Israel Defense Forces (IDF) targeted strategic Hamas facilities, tunnels, we apons and leadership. The conflict lasted 50 days, with a series of short-lived ceasefires breached by Hamas. Israel initially attacked Hamas targets by air, however, on July 17, Israel sent ground forces into Gaza for a period of just over two weeks in order to destroyRead MoreWhat Is Defending The Holy Land?1095 Words   |  5 PagesIron Doom missile defense system has made making peace with its neighbors outdated. Israel has created a hi-tech weapon system with the support of the United States, that has saved many lives and property damage, but at the strategic level, the invention also causes damage by allowing Israelis to pump up their sense of victimhood. This allows the Israeli government to achieve limited military operation. The Iron Dome will not return peace to the residents of southern Israel, nor the PalestiniansRead MoreThe Mission Command Of The Commander1898 Words   |  8 PagesGeneral (LTG.) Yitzhak Rabin is one of the most revered commanders in Israel s histo ry. As a young soldier, Rabin fought for Israel before it was a recognized country. 3 At the age of 24 he was given command of the 1,400 soldier Harel Brigade, which played a critical role in the 1948 Palestine War for Israel’s Independence.4 After a number of important roles, in 1964 he was appointed Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces, the position he would hold during the Six Day War and until the end ofRead MoreA Mixture Of Historical And Currents Facts About Israel Essay1386 Words   |  6 PagesBusiness Country Profile (Part 1): Getting to Know Israel Autiyonna Johnson February 28, 2016 Global Business 310 This paper examines a mixture of historical and currents facts about Israel. Specifically, the country is placed under the microscope in order to explain history of origin, geographical location, statistical demographics, government structure, and military structure. Together, these findings based on detailed research suggests that Israel is a country rich in complex history that predatesRead MoreThe Art of War by Sun Tzu Essay1256 Words   |  6 Pagesbeliefs. Mandatory military service has proven itself to work in other countries. Currently 25 countries have required military service. These include Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bermuda, Brazil, Burma, Cyprus, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, Greece, Iran, Israel, North Korea, South Korea, Mexico, Norway, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, and Ukraine (â€Å"CIA Site† 1). Although many countries have compulsory military service, most of Western Civilization has done away with it, except forRead MoreAn Analysis of the Interactive Violence of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict2459 Words   |  10 PagesAdhut Ha’avodah and Labor Rafi parties combined. Its stated security policy position is that the government of â€Å"Israel is responsible for the personal and general security of the citizens of the state of Israel.† The party’s idea of peace is based on negotiation through respect of the right of self-determination and statehood and the superior strength of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), which will maintain Israel’s military edge through technological means. Acts of terrorism will not be toleratedRead MoreThe Military : Protections For Women In The Military1715 Words   |  7 Pagesthat more recently similar ideas surrounding sexual abuse of females within militaries have become more prevalent. In recent a recent survey The Israeli Defense Forces found that one in every six women had been sexually abused over the course of her enrollment in the IDF. While there have been reports that sex crimes have doubled in the IDF, there has been little done, other then investigations to try and stop these acts from occurring. In fact, members of the program who were responsible for talkingRead MoreWar and Massacre, by Thomas Nagel872 Words   |  4 PagesIn mid-November of last year amidst rising tensions in the Middle East, Israel launched a major offensive against Palestinian militants in Gaza on Wednesday, killing the military commander, Ahmed Al-Jabari of Hamas in an air strike. This strike on a car carrying the commander stemmed the beginning to what is known by the Israeli’s as operation â€Å"Pillar of Defense†. Following this â€Å"surgical† assassination, the Israeli air force struck over 20 underground rocket launch sites belonging to Hamas (governingR ead MoreCauses Of The Arab-Israeli Conflict In The Middle East1820 Words   |  8 Pageshave been an on-going issue since the establishment of Israel in 1948. The primary cause of the fighting between Arab-Israeli is the rejection of Israel exists in the Middle East. The first known outburst of Arab-Israeli conflict occurred in 1948. The United Nations stepped in to ensure peace in the Middle East, but that peace ended in 1967 when Gamal Abdel Nasser, the Egyptian President, instigated another war, with the intent to annihilate Israel. He successfully formed an alliance with all Arab countries

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Free Euthanasias Oregon, Assisted Suicide a Essay Example For Students

Free Euthanasias: Oregon, Assisted Suicide a Essay nd Right to Life euthanasia argumentative persuasive essaysOregon, Assisted Suicide and Right to Life The reader of this paper will learn how the Right to Life movement is getting involved in a dramatic way in the assisted suicide battle in the state of Oregon. The NRLC(National Right to Life Committee), as well as the state RTL group, is participating in the court battle resulting from Oregons November, 2001 judicial challenge to Ashcrofts decision initiated to keep assisted suicide practices functioning smoothly in Oregon. The National Right to Life Committee and Oregon Right to Life filed a friend of the court brief in the case challenging the recent decision of U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft that the Controlled Substances Act does not permit the use of federally controlled drugs for assisted suicide. Under the Ashcroft decision, physicians who prescribe controlled drugs for assisted suicide could lose their licenses to prescribe any federally controlled drugs, which would effectively end the medical practice of many doctors. The brief supports the position of the United States, arguing that the Ashcroft decision should be upheld. (Oregon) In November of 2001, the State of Oregon brought suit against the Ashcroft ruling charging that it effectively nullifies Oregons law permitting physician-assisted suicide for the terminally ill. Oregon is the only state to have legalized physician-assisted suicide. Oregon was joined in the suit, Oregon v. Ashcroft, by a number of persons seeking assisted suicide, a physician, a pharmacist, and an assisted suicide advocacy organization. Federal district court judge Robert E. Jones in Portland, Oregon, enjoined enforcement of the Ashcroft ruling pending prompt resolution of the case in his court. The National and Oregon Right to Life brief argues that Ashcrofts decision was fully justified because the federal government can choose to protect all human life through its laws even if the State of Oregon has chosen not to do so. Just because Oregon allows its doctors to prescribe lethal drug overdoses to patients doesnt mean that the federal government has to agree that this is a legitimate medical use of the drugs, said James Bopp, Jr., General Counsel of the National Right to Life Committee. The Oregon tail doesnt wag the federal dog. The U.S. government can protect all human lives even if Oregon turns its back on some of them. The brief also argues that the Ashcroft decision avoids constitutional problems by refusing to discriminate against terminally ill persons in enforcement of federal drug laws. There would obviously be an equal protection problem if the federal government said that you can use these drugs to kill the sick and disabled, but not everyone else, said Bopp. Finally, the brief argues that Ashcrofts action was fully justified by the governments interest in supporting the ethical integrity of the medical professions. Organized medicine has long condemned physician- assisted suicide. In the Hippocratic Oath, in the physician swears: I will neither give a deadly drug to anybody if asked for it, nor will I make a suggestion to this effect. Judge Jones is expected to rule in the case by the end of April. His decision will probably be appealed by a losing party to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco. WORKS CITED: InfonetMarch 2, 2002 emailprotected Oregon Right To Life and

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Social issues Stress Essay Example

Social issues Stress Essay Situation Stress is a serious problem nowadays in Hong Kong. No one in Hong Kong is exempt from stress, the poor struggle to make ends meet, the rich worry about their investments because they are afraid of losing their wealth while the middle-class work so hard in order to collect a critical mass of investment money so that they may join their rich neighbors. No matter children, teenagers or adult, are also having short-term or long-term stress. Teenagers having stress due to their parent, friends r school works and adult having stress due to family burden and workplace. Some of the teenagers and adult do not know how to deal with stress and therefore committed seclude and feel depressed all the time. 2. Causes Those stress teenagers felt are usually comes from different aspect, such as school, family and friends. For school, moving to a new school, academic result and homework, performances on extracurricular activities would be the causes of stress since teenagers concern about these the most. For family, parents who are giving high expectations are also one of the main cause since lots of teenagers care about owe parents fell about themselves and worry about they cannot reach the target which parent had given to them. For friends, having good or bad relationship with friends are also a factor which affecting teenagers feelings. Adults feel stressful usually because of family burden and workplace stress. They are worrying about there are enough money for their family to malignant living expenses or not and facing lay off employees crisis. We will write a custom essay sample on Social issues Stress specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Social issues Stress specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Social issues Stress specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Therefore, they will feel stressful all the time. 3. Problems Parent put loads of hope on to their children and willing to have reciprocation in heir retirement life. They are hoping that their children can have a good academic result and work very hard on their public exam thus can find an ideal Job. Therefore, they will push their children so hard to achieve their expectation but they never understand how stressful children feel. Once children cannot cope with their stress, they may have low self-esteem or even commit suicide. Since adult are facing more serious stress which come from workplace by their boss and family by their children and living expenses, they may take not enough rest thus having health problem. For hysterical Illness, Including heart disease, headache, diabetes, obesity and asthma. Mental illness including depression and anxiety. All of the above due to people themselves lots of pressure. 4. Effects on individuals society For individual, workplace stress whether positive or negative, they can also affect personal and professional behaviors. Workplace stress isnt always negative. Positive workplace stress is called a challenge. Employers challenge employees to help them grow and create success individually. Positive workplace stress can help employees reach deadlines, become well-rounded and increase productivity, but it is the active stress that make the workplace a hazardous environment. For society, people nowadays live very busy lives. Life is changing so fast that it demands so much from humanity. Thus, causing people to miss out on more important things than earning money. Too much work can cause stress, this is the reason why people need to travel, relax from it all. Being away from what causes tension and pressure in your life can do so much for your health. Aside from that, learning how to balance your career and personal life will definitely slow down the ageing process, as stress can cause people to age faster. That is why people should learn the value and importance of taking a break once in a while, it does not matter you go or how much you spend. What is important is that give yourself the chance to breathe and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. 5. Benefits Drawbacks Having stress are not always discourage people since there are good stress other than bad stress. Stress can motivate people work harder. For example, like getting ready to go to a big game or show, or sitting down for a final exam. A little of this stress can help driving us and ready to rise to a challenge. However, pressures that re too intense or last too long, or troubles that are shouldered alone, can cause people to feel stress overload. Some people may have anxiety problems caused by stress. That can cause them to overreact to stress, making even small difficulties seem like crises. If a person frequently feels tense, upset, worried, or stressed, it may be a sign of anxiety. Anxiety problems usually need attention, and many people turn to professional counselors for help in overcoming them. 6. Solution To coping with stress, we can do regular exercise. It is a great way to lower our stress. While exercising, we can focus on what we are doing with our body, which helps free our mind from other worries. We dont have to do vigorous exercise. Even something as basic as walking for half an hour can help you relax and improve your mood. Moreover, Journaling is also an effective way to cope with stress. If we enjoy writing, this can be a good way to De-stress. By writing your thoughts and feelings down on paper, we will likely feel less stressed. Also, we can have a good cry. We can crying to a supportive friend, family member, or to our pillow, this can also help us De-stress. But thats really not true. If crying helps you communicate your frustration, vent your stress, and get some support, then, there is nothing wrong with a good cry. 7. Future development I suggest that the government can adopt a systematic approach in keeping up-to- date data information so as to identify the young people suffering from stress and give necessary help. Also, I recommend the government to draw overseas experiences on other countries about the policy on coping long-term stress and how to be successful in educating the public on the importance of mental health. Moreover, encourage youth participation in promoting mental health can let them understand more about the importance of mental health. We recommend the government and community service organizations to encourage young people to take part in activities on promoting mental health. For example, by asking young people to host promotional programmers. Government should also provide training opportunities to young people so that they can not only handle their own emotional problems better, but also know how to help their peers. 8. Effectiveness of the present policies The present policies: >The company will identify all workplace stresses and conduct risk assessments to eliminate stress or control the risks from stress. These risk assessments will be regularly reviewed. >The company will consult with Trade Union Safety Representatives on all proposed action relating to the prevention of workplace stress. The company will provide training for all managers and supervisory staff in good management practices. >The company will provide confidential counseling for staff affected by stress caused by either work or external factors. >The company will provide adequate resources to enable managers to implement the companys agreed stress management strategy. Since the above policies can prevent the formation of stress and thus provide a high effectiveness of avoiding the staff from sticking in stressful situation. 9. Views from different perspectives In school, there are so many subjects to learn, then there is the extra-curricular activities and the after school tutoring. This is the life of a typical Hong Kong student. Children in Hong Kong are expected to develop multiple intelligences. They need to excel in sports, music or even art. They need to build up a portfolio of achievements. Therefore, their stress are not less than adult since they need to face the public exam n the future. Once they cannot get into the university, they may feel frustrated and low self-esteem. Stress can motivate people and also collapsing peoples mind. On ourselves. We feel guilty about being snappy with our family members, but the next time we see them, we are still snappy because we dare not be snappy with people outside. By the time we get home, our tempers are not good and we are snappy with those closest to us. It becomes a vicious cycle. 10. Relevant data The Health and Safety Executive define stress as the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressure or other types of demand placed on them. This makes an important distinction between pressure, which can be a positive state if managed correctly, and stress which can be detrimental to health. With Chinas economy rising so fast, Hong Kong stands in constant fear of losing its competitive edge. This puts a lot of stress on working parents and labor force, who are constantly driven to better themselves. Many people may choose to study for further degrees because they want to increase their competitiveness. However, this will make them adding more stress to their demanding lives. 1 . Relevant government departments concern groups The HUSSAR government currently provides comprehensive mental health care services to young people. It is advisable to set up long-term policies with an emphasis on coordination. The Department of Health and Human Services (HAS) is the United States governments principal agency for protecting the health of all Americans and providing essential human services, especially for those who are least able to help themselves. The Office on Womens Health (OOH), part of the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services (HAS), works to improve the health and ensue of well-being of all U. S. Women and girls. OOH serves as the focal point for womens health activities across HAS offices and agencies and leads HAS efforts to ensure that all women and girls achieve the best possible health. Sows mission is to provide national leadership and coordination to improve the health of women and girls through policy, education, and model programs. 12. My reflection I think that stressful situations can test our strength, for sure. Whatever we are facing, stress can be a motivation to motivate us to think through the situation, accept he emotions we feel.

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The best cities for jobs in 2018

The best cities for jobs in 2018 Unemployment is currently lower than it has been in 17 years. Obviously, that means jobs are out there, but your town might not necessarily be the most booming place in the U.S. right now. Sometimes you have to pull up stakes and move to the zip code where the right job for you is waiting. According to a recent study, there are particular U.S. cities that are most benefiting from the current unemployment low. Here are the 10 best cities for job seekers in 2018 so far.1. San Jose, CASan Jose is the U.S.’s top destination for job seekers. While the unemployment rate in San Jose is no different from that of San Francisco (at 3.3%), at almost $79,000, the average annual salary beats SF’s by nearly $10,000. Techies flock to San Jose-based companies such as Apple, Facebook, Cisco, and Google. Major employers such as the County of Santa Clara and Stanford University can also share some responsibility for San Jose’s status as the best city for job seekers in the entire U nited States of America.2. San Francisco, CAThe job market in California’s Bay Area is currently at an all-time high, with an unemployment rate of 3.3% and an average salary rate of more than $69,000. Those big money makers are doing well in San Fran’s tourist, health care, education, and biotech industries.3. Boston, MAOn the opposite coast is Boston, the third best city for job seekers on this list. As the country’s center of higher education, those in that field are well employed in Boston. Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston Children’s Hospital, and Brigham and Women’s Hospital are some of the city’s most prolific employers, so East Coasters in the health industry may want to do their job searches in Bean Town. Average annual salaries are well above the national average at more than $64,000.4. San Diego, CAAnd we’re back to The Golden State- a bit further down south is where California’s medical and education professiona ls congregate, largely because San Diego is the home of the University of California and such healthcare companies as Sharp and Kaiser Permanente. Salaries are healthy and unemployment has been in steady decline since 2010. There’s no evidence that trend will be shifting so far in 2018.5. Los Angeles, CAA little further up the coast, Los Angeles continues to be one of the nation’s biggest destinations for job seekers. Anyone who dreams of breaking into the entertainment industry can still set their sites on L.A., however the city’s healthcare and personal care industries are also robust. The police department is also a top employer. Salaries tend to be low, but Los Angeles in unmatched in terms of employees finding a satisfying balance between life in and out of the workplace.6. Minneapolis, MNIf you’re in the personal care industry but prefer snow to sun, you may want to migrate to Minneapolis. Jobs in business, finance, and tech are also plentiful in Mi nneapolis. Among the city’s biggest employers are Target, 3M, and Allina Health System.7. Sacramento, CABy now, you’ve likely noticed a serious trend that may inspire you to shout â€Å"California, here I come,† as half of the 10 best cities for job seekers reside there. In Sacramento, the personal care and construction industries are among the city’s fastest-growing ones. Sacramento also scores points for its strong salaries and its employees’ tendency to strike a strong balance between life in and outside of work.8. Miami, FLJob security and employee satisfaction are high, down south in Miami. And it isn’t just because of all that sun. The tourism industry is strong as more than 27 million people travelled to the city in 2016 alone. As a major port, Miami is also the place to be for those in the trade and manufacturing industries. The city’s construction boom also makes it ripe for those in architecture, real estate, and of course, construction. Salaries tend to be on the low side, but job security is currently higher in Miami than anywhere else in the country.9. Seattle, WASeattle is where it’s at for those in the tech industry. In fact, nearly 7% of all jobs in the Emerald City are in tech, and companies such as Amazon, Boeing, and Microsoft are doing much of the hiring. While one is not especially likely to advance in her or his job in Seattle, salaries are among the highest in the nation.10. Washington, D.C.That other Washington all the way on the side of the country is also rich in opportunities at this moment, as one of the most dramatic up-and-comers is Washington, D.C. While opportunities in the nation’s capital had been limited for some time, they have really opened up recently. The federal government and the public school system are the city’s biggest employers and offer some of its highest salaries. While jobs are plentiful in D.C., salaries are on the lower side, especially for those in the public sector, but it does rank highly for job security and promotions.

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Aviation in the United States Navy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Aviation in the United States Navy - Essay Example ogically superior and readily available. Using a full-spectrum approach, the command delivers solutions at optimal costs and provide support for vital programs for the U.S. Navy.NAVAIR works effectively as part of a warfighting partnership, known as the Naval Aviation Enterprise (NAE) and the larger Navy Enterprise, through which interdependent issues affecting multiple commands are resolved on an Enterprise-wide basis. The NAVAIR Commander serves as the NAE operations officer" In this particular case, it is now established that the industry focuses more on conventional and advanced warfare. In this case, if we are to analyze the said inductry is limited to industries concerning avaition operation solely on the category of warfare technology. In this case, the said industry is only concerned on the propagation, development, repair and evaluation of aircrafts that are needed by the Naval Branch of the armed forces. Furthermore, Goodspeed (2006) in dealing with history claims that "On May 8, 1911 the Navy ordered its first airplanes and United States Naval Aviation was born. The Navy's aviation arm was founded on the same courage and spirit that still define its ranks: self-taught flier Eugene Ely, wearing a football helmet and bicycle inner tube as a life preserver became the first man to both take off and land on the deck of a ship. Over the next nine decades Naval Aviation has roared forward on the backs of the most advanced aircraft and well-trained avia tors and flight crews in the world" This means that if we are to deal with the number of interest and services it caters; categorically it only caters the microcosm part of the society particularly the armed forces. In this case, it only meets the needs of a certain amount of individuals in one particular organization which is the Naval Command. However, if we are to further deal with how it affects individuals as a whole, then we have to search for macro economic variables to know how it affects or influence individuals and organizations in general. Environmental Analysis of Aviation in the United States Navy 3 In looking for a macrocosmic variables, it is very important to look into the process and the quantity of how the organization affects individuals through its productions, services rendered and other variables to point out the origin of these and how it affects macrocosmic activities. The impact of the Naval aircraft with regards to security of the United States as a Nation and as a frontline of democracy in the world is so tremendous and this industry is of big help- The website (2006) states that "The objective of Navy Aerial Support is to help facilitate and coordinate the distribution of naval aircraft and aviation resources to public demonstrations across the United States" which means that the said